About us

Aardvark Partners began out of curiosity. While respectively working for a Startup and accepting a quick turnaround cross-country relocation offer, Founders, Vince & Amber Piedi-Harrison found themselves in a predicament. Rent their condo full-time and become traditional landlords, with no possibility to stay in their condo as needed when visiting the area? Or give the Airbnb type rental a try and hope for the best while still having access to their prized Urban Loft. They opted for the Airbnb experiment and began looking for a management company that could “get the place going, deposit money in our account, and make sure the place doesn't get ruined”…simple enough right? To their dismay, they quickly discovered that type of hands-off, white glove-service did not exist. At least not in the way the founders envisioned it. As a serial entrepreneur, Vince left the corporate and startup environment and set on to create and bring to market the service he wished he could have found when he and Amber were in need.

Aardvark Partners officially launched in 2017 after experimenting on personal and family properties for over 18 months. The results and lessons learned from experimenting with our own properties have shaped and molded our approach and enable us to look at our clients properties though the lenses of an owner, not just a stranger's four walls and a roof. This has had a profound impact on how we deliver and service both clients and guests.