For vacation rentals

Chanel Manager


Connect to 100+ channels

Sync prices and minimum stay

Avoid double bookings
Increase occupancy and revenues
Integrate your vacation rental website
No commissions on bookings

Booking Engine / Calendar

For vacation rentals

Easy bookings and blocked periods

Direct API integration into channels

Booking engine and calendar
Website builder and external pages ready
Accept credit card and ACH payments

Reservation System

A dashboard providing everything you need

All bookings in one central list

Statistics on occupancy and revenues
Conflict and shortfall alerts

Unified messaging and Guest experience app

All inbound and outbound messaging in one place

Customized to each listing

Personalized booking confirmations
Automated messaging based on trigger events
Create custom templates
Fully integrated API messaging
Automate messaging to individual recipients such as cleaners or greeters

Vacation rental homepage Software

Create your own website in minutes

Increase direct bookings and save commission

Present your accommodations professionally
Connect your existing web address
ID and payment verification
Search engine optimization

Cleaner and Check-in notification

Get notified when the listing is ready for checkin

Provide action item of cleaning details

Run completion and payment reports
Document damages